Arto face bow with symmetrical parallel adjustment, compatible with the Artex* system
  • Determination of the skull-axis relation in a few moments
  • Simple operation of the joint support with quick-release fastener
  • Autoclavable bite fork made of stainless steel
  • Joint support and bite fork compatible with the Artex* face bow
  • CE compliant
3D aesthetic face bow according to ZTM Walter Böthel & Volker Ulrici
  • Adjustable glabella support for registering different reference planes
  • Camper plane / Frankfurt horizontal plane/ patient plane
  • Independently height-adjustable ear pads to compensate for asymmetries in the area of the ear canal
  • Transverse adjustment device to level a deviating face center
  • Level indicator / spirit level to check the correct horizontal alignment
  • Joint support and bite fork compatible with Artex* facebow
Transfer stand Adesso Split

Transfer the Artex* facebow registration in the correct position into an Arto, Artex* or -Carbon articulator.
Incl. Adesso Split base plate, for use with our Adesso Split transfer table. For other systems, e.g. Adesso Multisplit, also possible.

Transfer jig for Arto & Artex* facebow registrations

The construction enables the registration to be transferred directly to the articulator without going through the transfer stand.
Due to the swiveling incisal plate support, the transfer jig is variably suitable for Arto articulators 116 & 126 mm, as well as Artex* and Artex* Carbon articulators.

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