Model fabrication
Modellsystem 2000®.... Fast, precise and economical

For more than 20 years, this model system has been an absolute top seller and is known and popular in many countries. It is not only very easy and fast to use, but also very precise. The reusability of the pin base plates makes the system extremely economical.

Modellsystem 2000® Evo... the economical alternative...

Unlike the classic Modellsystem 2000®, Evo plates are made entirely of plastic. This makes them cheaper, but not worse. There are no archiving plates with the Evo system. The plates are designed for one-time use and can be archived together with the dental arch after completion of the dental restoration. Many components are compatible with the Model System 2000.

A version suitable for 3D printing can be found in the "Digital" product group: Modellsystem 2000® EvoPrint

Duet system... popular in functional diagnostics and orthodontics...

If no saw-cut model is required, the duet system is the first choice. Duet plates are available in different colors. The precise split cast makes rearticulating various diagnostic situations a breeze.

Combiflex and Combiflex Plus.... Precise and economical...

You have the choice between different variants of model bases, which are applied according to the proven Zeiser system. Whether with or without split cast plate, with or without magnetic counter, here you will find...


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