Adesso Split.... The eternal champion!

The Adesso Split system is the classic from Baumann Dental and still unbeaten when it comes to precision and repeatability. Adesso Split is available for all common articulators.

Adesso Multisplit... The clever alternative!

This versatile magnetic plate system combines the superior repeatability of Adesso Split with the widely used Splitex1 system:
It can securely hold mounting plates of both types with repeatable accuracy.

The separable centering key, virtually the trademark of the Adesso Split system, is now also available for other magnetic plate systems. It is an adjustment and testing device in one: when screwed down, it is used for synchronization; when split, the user can see with the naked eye whether synchronization has been carried out correctly.

A Splitex* compatible magnetic plate system is available from our own production. The split key is of course also available.

By popular request, we now also manufacture the KaVo Split plates ourselves. With the split key, which is also available, KaVo articulator users can finally perform and check their synchronization themselves.

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