Arto XP

Improved ergonomics, contemporary design and stable centric were the focus of the development work for the new Arto XP articulators. The Arto XP surprises with clever detailed solutions and outstanding features.

Picture on the right shows: Arto XP2 with adjustable Bennet angle 0-20 degrees and optional Immediate Sideshift function. (S models)

All Arto XP articulators are equipped with a magnetic plate system made of sturdy plastic ex works, and there is always the option of retrofitting magnetic plate systems for synchronization.

Illustration on the left shows: Arto XP 3 with adjustable Bennet angle 0-20 degrees. adjustable condylar path inclination -15 - 60 degrees and optional Immediate Sideshift function (S models).

Extremely smooth laterotrusion movements are ensured by the new condyle spheres made of resistant high-tech polymer, condylar paths and axes are protected.

The optionally available Immediate Sideshift function (S models) is unique: The small lever on the axis releases 1 mm sideshift per side if desired.

One of the equipment highlights of the Arto XP articulators is undoubtedly the standard micrometrically adjustable anterior guidance pin, which raises or lowers exactly one millimeter with one turn, but the Arto XP has even more to offer!

Appearance is important... With the interchangeable side shells, which are available in many different decors, you can adapt the Arto XP to your personal taste.

Picture shows: Arto XP with side shells "Sticker Bomb". Available in our webshop...

All Arto XP articulators are equipped with serial number and machine-readable QR code for clear identification.

Upon request, our laser service will inscribe your new Arto XP articulator individually with logo, name, consecutive numbers or whatever else you like...

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